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UTAX Tiered Billing

UTAX Tiered Billing

An innovative way to handle your print costs.

What is Tiered Billing?

With a UTAX device you only pay for what you use. UTAX introduced this innovative solution that allows to lower the printing costs thanks to more accurate billing.

The innovative three-tier colour coverage system available on the UTAX range of colour multifunctionals, automatically calculates the colour toner used to produce each page. It then records the page against one of four meters depending on the level of colour usage – meaning you only ever pay for the colour you have used.

Level 0. No colour print

Level 1. Low colour print (up to 5%), e.g. company’s logo, headed paper, icons.

Level 2. Mid colour (approx. 20%), e.g. smaller picture, charts and diagrams, headers.

Level 3. High Colour (from 40%), e.g. full page picture, many colourful elements.

If most of your printing is at Colour Level 1 or 2, you are probably being charged at Colour Level 3; with a UTAX device from GDS Solutions, you only pay for what you use.