UTAX Printers and MFDs

UTAX Printers & MFDs

UTAX Printers and Multifunctional Devices

A complete range of printers and MFDs.


When it comes to print solutions few suppliers have a product range as all-embracing as UTAX. From large copiers and small desktop printers to sophisticated software solutions which can be tailored to end user need, the extensive range of products offers the ideal solution for all office output.

UTAX provides the complete package for all kinds of businesses; from the smallest operations to multi-nationals. These are designed to help end-users enjoy more control, simplicity and cost efficiency over their document management.

UTAX Tiered Billing

With a UTAX device you only pay for what you use. UTAX introduced this innovative solution that allows to lower the printing costs thanks to more accurate billing. The innovative three-tier colour coverage system available on the UTAX range of colour multifunctionals, automatically calculates the colour toner used to produce each page. It then records the page against one of four meters depending on the level of colour usage – meaning you only ever pay for the colour you have used.


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The UTAX Range

The UTAX brand of digital office products is a name synonymous with quality and reliability, with a range encompassing digital copying, printing, fax and scanning solutions. The broad portfolio of UTAX products comprises hardware and software, copying, printing and multi-functional simple workstations to large-scale systems for professional applications.

UTAX Printers

• Improved Cost Efficiency. UTAX’s print systems allow you to keep a closer eye on your print costs with more affordable colour and finer toner.
• Reliable data protection. GDPR is so relevant and important to every business now. That’s why it’s so important that your office printer has the security to protect your data. With Pin Authentication and security software, your data is secure with UTAX.
• Environmentally conscious. All of UTAX’s devices are environmentally and office friendly! You can use integrated quiet modes at any time and in any application to reduce the noise even further.
• Print and go. Don’t wait around for your printer to heat up. With UTAX Multi-Functional Systems, just switch them on and you’ll have your first print in just nine seconds!


UTAX Printer

UTAX Multifunctional Devices

• Simplest Operation. Intuitive and adaptable touch-screens for an easy to use interface.
• Professional Printing. UTAX’s newly developed toner ensures quality printing with every print.
• Maximum Security. Private Printing means that print jobs can only be started directly on the machine by the authorised person. This means that your confidential documents remain confidential.
• Large Print Volume. You can print on different types of paper in a single job. This means there’s nothing to prevent you from creating brilliant presentations, employee magazines or company brochures at great speed. What’s more, the system can also process A3 large formats and various paper weights.





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